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Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC) Collaboration is an inter-university collaboration under the coordination of Ankara University. The partners of collaboration are Bogazici, Dogus, Dumlupinar, Erciyes, Gazi, Istanbul, Nigde, Osmangazi, S. Demirel and Uludag Universities and Gebze Institute of Advanced Technologies. The main aim of our collaboration is to design and construct our national accelerator center to use accelerators and light sources for scientific research and technological developments.


For this purpose, we completed feasibility and conceptual design phases of TAC project in 2001 and 2005, respectively. Since 2006, we are in third phase of our project studies and have two main goals: to complete TDR of TAC facilities and to establish the first facility that is planned as a superconducting electron accelerator based free electron laser and bremsstrahlung facility. TAC will consist of different GeV scale electron, positron and proton accelerators to study experimental particle and nuclear physics and to produce synchrotron radiation and free electron lasers to use in basic and applied sciences. The first facility (IR FEL of Bremsstrahlung) TARLA will be commissioning in 2016. Construction of planned big scale facilities will cover up to mid of 2020′s.


Starting from 2001, we organized National Particle Accelerators and Their Application Congresses (UPHUK) in every three years and National Particle Accelerators and Detectors Summer Schools (UPHDYO) annually starting from 2005 to develop a national accelerator community.


We have scientific collaboration agreements with well known accelerator laboratories from Europe like CERN (Switzerland), DESY, Euro XFEL, HZB and HZDR (Germany), ESS (Sweden), Cockcroft Institute (England), INFN-NLS (Italy) and IHEP (China).


TAC facilities will give opportunities to researchers from Turkey and abroad to use accelerator based modern tools for research and applications.



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