1.TAC SR and TAC SASE FEL Workshop, Ankara University  (2 May 2009)

2.TAC SASE FEL Workshop, Ankara University  (1 May 2010)

3.First International Workshop on Machine and Research Aspects of the Proposed Turkish Light Sources, Doğuş University, İstanbul, Turkey (4-6 Temmuz 2011)

4.Meeting with  Scince and Technology Minister about Collobaration with Euro XFEL (8 Kasım 2012) 

5.Ankara University – DESY Collobaration extension sign meeting at the fourth term for 5 years (June 2012)

6.TAC SASE FEL Workshop, IAT, Golbasi (12 May 2012)

7.Ankara University – Euro XFEL (DESY, Hamburg) Collobaration sign meeting (May 2012)