Bremsstrahlung Facility


Bremsstrahlung photon facilities at TAC

Dr. İskender AKKURT*

(on behalf of bremsstrahlung group at TAC)



Bremsstrahlung is a German word and means “breaking radiation”. It is used to describe the radiation which is emitted when an electron (a charged particle) is decelerated in an electric field. Using this method a photon beam can be produced. The photon can be used in a variety of fields including in both fundamental nuclear or particle physics research and application fields. The photon is an ideal probe to investigate nuclear structure and the interaction of the photon with the nucleus depends on incoming photon energies. As it can be used in a variety of fields (from industry to medical) it is important to have such a facility at TAC. It is planned to establish two LINAC each produce max 20 MeV electron beam and from those of electron beam it will be possible to get about max 30-35 MeV bremsstrahlung photon beam. As long as there will not be any problem, the bremsstrahlung photon beam will be ready to perform experiment in 2011.