Conceptual Design (CDR)

At the beginning of 2002, the second step for the Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC) project was started with two different projects and both of them were supported by State Planning Organization (SPO). The first project was: “General Design of the Turkish Accelerator Center” with the grant number of: “SPO-2002K-120250”. The second project was: “A General Design for Production and Usage of Synchrotron Radiation and FEL” with the grant number of: “SPO-2003K-1201906”. For the particle factory, three options (phi, tau and charm mesons) were studied and charm factory option was choosen. Furthermore, how many beam lines and what kind of insertion devices will be used for the third generation synchrotron radiation, were determined. On the other hand, optimization studies for SASE and oscillator mode FELs were done and main parameters were determined. In addition to this, the main parameters of the proton synchrotron were determined and research potential of accelerator based on secondary beams (neutron and muon beams) was investigated. Conceptual Design Reports (CDR) of TAC were published as two different volumes based on two different projects as stated above in Turkish in the first part of 2006.