Feasibility Report (FR)

Between 1997-2001, the feasibility studies for the Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC) was completed in frame of a project with the support of State Planning Organization (SPO) of Turkey. The name of the project was: “Particle Accelerators: What can be done in Turkey?” with the grant number of: “SPO-97K-120420”. By this study, considering most familiar research and applications based on particle accelerators, it is proposed that the center (TAC) may contain following facilities to use accelerators in research and applications in basic and applied sciences:

  • Third generation light source (SR) facility dedicated electron synchrotron.
  • Fourth generation light source (SASE FEL) facility based on an electron linac.
  • Proton accelerator facility
  • A particle “charm” factory (electron-positron collider).