TAC Particle Accelerator Facility (PAF) Project

Turkish Accelerator Center Proton Accelerator Facility (TAC – PAF) is planned to supply a proton beam with the beam power of 1 MW at a final energy of 2 GeV. TAC PAF will be a multi-disciplinary research centre, and could serve as a neutron spallation source, a radioactive ion beam facility, a prototype facility to conduct research into accelerator-driven sub-critical reactors, as well as a number of lower energy facilities for use in medicine and other sciences.
The proposed proton accelerator facility may consist of normal and super conducting linear accelerator parts.

Coordinator: Dr. Baki Akkuş
Deputy Coordinators: Dr. Latife Şahin Yalçın, Dr. Emel Alğın, Dr. Metin Yılmaz