TAC SASE-Free Electron Laser (SASE-FEL) Facility Project

TAC (Turkish Accelerator Center) Project consists of five sub-projects, which also include TAC SASE-FEL (Self Amplification Of Spontaneous Emission Free Electron Laser).

Within the Works of TAC SASE-FEL of the TAC SASE-FEL working group, using electron beam energy having 1-100 nm wavelength and 1-5 GeV, it is planned to obtain laser with high peak power (GW), a small wavelength, an adjustable wavelength, having a small pulse length (fs), and which is coherent and monocromatic. SASE-FEL system can be studied in three main parts: the electron gun where electrons are extracted and given the first push, main accelerator, and the undulator where the laser is obtained.

There will also be auxiliary structures to the system (additional systems such as vacuum systems, diagnostics, cooling, electrical connection systems).

Because of the reason that we live in the cencury which nano wavelength sutructures are studied in any aspects, more weights are given to use the structures in the applications, and more are added to the fields of application with each passing day, the laser that will be obtained within the project can be put into application in many fields. Examples for these can be given as studying the material properties of the semiconductors, surface analyis, the analysis for the identification of the properties of the magnetic structures, and experiments which will be done with the X-rays.