Technical Design Report (TAC TDR)(2006-2014)

Technical Design Report (TAC TDR)

One of the main goal of the third phase of TAC project is to accomplish the Technical Design Report (TAC TDR).

The proposed facilities are:

 1-Third Generation Synchrotron Radiation Facility (TAC-SR):

It is planned to obtain third generation synchrotron based on dedicated electron synchrotron with an energy of 3 GeV. The usage of the obtained radiation is planned on R&D purpose by many experimental stations.

2- SASE FEL Facility (TAC SASE FEL):

It is planned to obtain SASE FEL based on 1-5 GeV electron linac and the usage of the obtained XFEL is planned on R&D purposes.

3 – Proton Accelerator Facility (TAC PAF):

The usage of the obtained proton and secondary beams (muons and neutrons) based on proton accelerator with an energy of 3 – 2000 MeV is planned on R&D and to improve accelerator driven systems (ADS).

4 – Particle “Charm” Factory (TAC PF):

It is planned to obtain a particle “Charm” factory (√s = 3.77 GeV) by colliding the electron beam coming from the linac with an energy of 1 GeV and positron beam coming through the positron ring with an energy of 3.56 GeV.